Sheikh Jarrah, The FOLD, etc.

It has been a long time since I’ve written one of these. It’s not that I’ve stopped learning. It’s just that between trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to make things happen, and everything feeling very much “the same” all the time, I didn’t really feel like publishing. Peer pressure brought me back.

A Likkle Miss Lou by Nadia L. Hohn

After returning to writing and delving into publishing this fall, I started looking for community. I realized I didn’t know many Black Canadian writers, or children’s books that dealt with the experience of living in Canada.

Since it’s gift-buying season for many people, I thought I’d put together a list…

French Caribbean Shattas, Framing Canada, etc.

Before getting into it this week, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who wrote me with interesting new things to explore/learn about/check out. Usually I get to the weekend and I’m squeezing out this writing, slowly and painfully. This week, my cup runneth over, so thank…

On NOTAmazon, Soy vs. Soya, Poisoned Antilles, Pero de Buen Rollo & Some Guy Named Audubon


It’s not Amazon, and it’s ingenious. Some brilliant soul created — a local guide to small businesses in Toronto, Halifax and Calgary. The landing page for the Toronto section says:

“Everyone in here is a very important and very dreamy small business in Toronto and the GTA offering…

On Copyright, Black Books, The Big Five, Somali Skincare & Indigenous Art

1. Copyright is Automatic under Law

As I’ve been working towards publishing my first children’s book, I’ve learned a fair bit about what goes into bringing a book to market (I mentioned one of those things in my last Five Things post). One day I’ll write about all the things I’ve learned in one post, but…

On First Nations, French, Diamonds, ISBNs & Roasting

1. Wasaya Airways: Indigenous owned and operated

Northern Ontario, by Jesse Martini

I returned to Canada from Colombia in July, and in August, I decided that my fall reading would be focused on the First Nations and their (coughcolonialcough) relationship with the Canadian government. The books I’ve read so far are Understanding First Nations by Ed Whitcomb, A Mind Spread Out on…

Photo by Daria Nepriakhi

Some years ago, I worked with someone I knew from our days at university together. Truthfully, I didn’t know him very well when he joined the team, but by the time I left, I considered him to be a close friend.

Our friendship developed over a series of lunches. We’d…

Cerro de las 3 Cruces, Cali, Colombia

As the world’s travel radar expands to include Colombia, I keep seeing the same cities pop up on these “Where to Go” and “What to See” lists. Many tourists looking for a short trip opt for Cartagena and its beaches up along the Caribbean coast. …

Photo by Anna Pelzer

My one month vegetarian challenge began like most of my challenges do –with me running off my mouth.

I was chatting with a coworker/friend at a work mixer. He was a nose-ring-and-visible-tattoo-having, former-vegan-turned-vegetarian, and the topic was food. We joked that vegans and vegetarians had a look, and he pointed…

Alison Isaac

I’m a writer and teacher from Toronto, with roots abroad and interests everywhere.

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