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Photo by Manny Becerra

Sheikh Jarrah, The FOLD, etc.

  1. Sheikh Jarrah Evictions
Just type in “Palestine” and check the news section

A Likkle Miss Lou by Nadia L. Hohn

French Caribbean Shattas, Framing Canada, etc.

1. Thunder Bay Podcast

Thunder Bay podcast cover art

On NOTAmazon, Soy vs. Soya, Poisoned Antilles, Pero de Buen Rollo & Some Guy Named Audubon

  1. Not-Amazon.ca

On Copyright, Black Books, The Big Five, Somali Skincare & Indigenous Art

1. Copyright is Automatic under Law

On First Nations, French, Diamonds, ISBNs & Roasting

1. Wasaya Airways: Indigenous owned and operated

Northern Ontario, by Jesse Martini

Photo by Daria Nepriakhi

Cerro de las 3 Cruces, Cali, Colombia

Photo by Anna Pelzer

Alison Isaac

I’m a writer and teacher from Toronto, with roots abroad and interests everywhere. alisonisaac.com

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